Seed Treatment and Storage

Clipper Cleaners

Clipper seed and grain cleaners

This reliable products have evolved from many years of experience, making Clipper seed and grain cleaners the most widely used air screen cleaners in the world.

Clipper seed cleaners are designed using cutting-edge technology, and manufactured with enduring craftsmanship for years of trouble-free operation.

There are wide range of products from bench top cleaner to huge industrial cleaner. Please feel free to contact us to get the product specification.

Drying Beads

Drying Beads® are a crystalline type of clay and thus almost indestructible. They contain pores with a very precise pore size (3Å) and can therefore only absorb water molecules. They are very hygroscopic and absorb water very fast and this even in low relative water vapor (or low RH systems). This is also the major difference with other systems such as silica-gel. This characteristic makes the beads very useful in drying seeds and other agricultural products. Reducing seed moisture content will result in a better storage; this will lead to a higher and faster field emergence. The stronger plants will cover the field faster (and thus reducing the weeds), be better protected against insect and disease pressure. This will result in a higher yield and thus a higher income for the farmer. In the agricultural area we do see these beads used for drying seeds (for planting and/or consumption), for drying herbs and spices, for purifying etheric oils and for drying an almost complete array of vegetables, fruits , meat, fish … Different packages available: • DB 5 kg • DB 25 kg • DB 50 kg • DB 125 kg • DB 500 kg.


The DryStore® is a product with smart and simple design that would fit right into the space and environment of anywhere in the world. Based on Drying Beads® technology, it is intended for drying and storage purposes. DryStore® can be widely utilized, for seed drying, seed storage, anti-moisture, anti-mold, in storing cameras, video recorders, computer hard disk drive and videos products, jewelries and watches, stamps, photos, precision instruments, medical materials, high grade tonics and nutritious food.
Seeds should be dried and stored in containers that are hermetically closed and that thus can maintain a low RH. Sealed and vacuum-sealed bags are of course ideal, but are often not available nor practical. Therefore we designed a system that not only keeps your seeds in a sealed condition, also will alert the seeds professional with a ‘Color/Sign’ warning when the environment inside the container is no longer sufficiently dry.

Coating Polymer

Centor Thai offers a customized range of seed coating materials in both liquid and powder form. These can be used in standard film coating, encrusting and pelleting application methods.
Different polymer systems, fine-tuned to your needs and adapted for your seeds. Growth promoting molecules specially designed to maximize the benefits for your growers. From ready to use products (high end, agro, shiny, pearl, basic, high coverage…) to all basic ingredients (binder/polymer, fillers, color pigments, de-foaming agent, emulsifiers).
Shine Ag : An all-in-one polymer formulation which gives a bright shiny finish on coated seeds. Can be used for film coating or as a finishing product. It has the binder, color and finishing product all built-in to a water-based formulation.
We are available to assist you in fine-tuning your recipes as well as help you in the supply of necessary consumables.

RR Moisture Measurement

Seed moisture is a very important factor for seed quality. On one hand water is needed for a seed to germinate and to ensure that the germ can develop successfully into a plant. But on the other hand water does play a very negative effect on seed quality during processing and storage.
Measuring seed moisture content has always been a difficult job.Most available system are, time consuming such as the oven method or imprecise such as measuring conductivity, or costly such as the NIR method. Therefore we do propose an alternative way for measuring seed moisture content through the measurement of water activity.
An incorporated software package is translating this water activity into your classical seed moisture content (using standard or adapted oil content percentages).

RRC220 Lab Coater

Coating allows and increases the ability to use on a variety of surfaces and in extreme situations, it minimizes soil cultivation requirements and provides for a reduction of irrigation, as well as the coating giving a controlled application of fertilizer and plant protection agents.
Lab Coating machine: RRC220 – 220 mm. lab equipment is handy, affordable and easy to operate. Ideal for learning – training, for protocol and recipes development. It is perfectly designed for small capacity suitable for vegetable seed and field crops seeds.
Moreover, it is also perfectly sized for coating and encrusting as well as pelleting of seed samples.

RRC310 Manual Coater

Coating is all about more healthy seedlings per acre per kg of seed planted – for more yield from thicker, healthier stands.
RRC310 Manual Coater is designed for an easy and completely manual and also designed for coating seeds in small quantity. It is suitable for vegetable seeds and or all field crop seeds to do coating trials or coating for commercial. The machines can be also perfectly adapted for pelleting and or encrusting seeds. Its capacity depend on various protocols and size volume of seeds.
We also have semi-automatic and full automation of this coater size available.

RRC450X2 Double Automation Coater

We have a customized range of seed coating machine in both liquid and powder forms for standard film coating, encrusting and pelleting allocation methods. Choose the right size of coating machine to be the perfect match with your seed batch.
Best seller model is RRC450X2 which is 450 mm. two (2) drums with full automation. This size is the perfect match with all kind of seed. Capacity is double as you have two (2) drums which is 600-1,200 per hour.
Capacities can also depend on various protocols and size/volume of seeds. Please contact us on how we can help you with setting up your coating line and assist you with your protocol development.

RRC800S Semi-Automatic Coater

Higher seedling survival with coated seed at same seeding rates – more plants, more yield. Don’t get hung up on the number of seeds in a pound – focus on the number of successfully-established seedlings per pound planted.
Seed coating offers many benefits in comparison to traditional methods that require the use of expensive and complex chemical application equipment
The RRC800S Semi-Automatic Coater has been designed for coating agro seeds in semi- automatic mode by timer switch control panel for big commercial lines. The machines also can be adapted for encrusting or pelleting seeds with a powder feeder.

Seed Germination Bag

Seed Germination Bag (Small)
Seed Germination Bag (Small)
Seed Germination Bag (Small)
Suitable for plants with fibrous root or shorter root, such as Wheat, Brassica napus and Arabidopsis.
Seed Germination Bag (Medium)
Seed Germination Bag (Medium)
Seed Germination Bag (Medium)
Suitable for plants with tap root or longer root , such as Maize,Soybean and Cotton.
Seed Germination Bag (Large)
Seed Germination Bag (Large)
Seed Germination Bag (Large)
Suitable for big seeds such as Maize, Soybean and Peas.
For seed germination bag