iQue® Screener PLUS

Intelligent Cytometry

Delivering more of what matters when profiling cell function and phenotype.

Unlocking the secrets of immunology can be tough.

  • Are you developing a new immuno-oncology target assay…but struggling to get the right content with throughput?
  • Are you trying to profile lead candidates…but find your boss doesn’t want to foot the bill for it?
  • Are you developing CAR-T cells for patients and just need a fast way to functionally characterize the best cancer cell killers… but you have precious few cells to study, and time is short?
  • Are you monitoring a complex cytokine profile for sets of immuno-phenotyped PBMC’s… but making sense of all the data takes longer than running the experiment?

Plate readers are fast but can’t give you the individual cell measurements and multiplexing needed. Plate imagers produce high content data but don’t work well with suspension cells. Traditional flow cytometry is optimized for suspension cells but is slow, requires expert operators, consumes a lot of cells and reagents, and deals with the data as a collection of “tube experiments”. There must be a better way!


The fastest way to generate high content data from small samples!

  1. Process 96 well plate in 5 minutes, 384 well plates in 20 minutes including analysis!
  2. Get complete high content data from as little as 1 µl of sample to save reagents and cells
  3. Automated, unattended multiple plate processing to get through all your samples
  4. Onboard shaking and flexible cleaning cycles make difficult suspension assays possible


The easiest software you’ll ever love!

  1. Analyze a whole plate at a time as data is acquired not a “tube” at a time then batch analysis
  2. One stop workflow. Get IC/EC50 curves, standard curves, derived outputs without 3rd party software
  3. Easy assay optimization: adjust gates and see results across plate in real time
  4. Plate level result visualizations with a mouse click then populated automatically
  5. Condense multiplexed data sets into a single actionable results “map” automatically
  6. Distributed access and reporting to make your organization more productive


Create assays with validated reagents for cell function and secreted protein quantification.

  1. Formulated for no wash to save time and reduce variability
  2. Optimized for miniaturization on our platform to save costs and precious cells
  3. Create high content data with less sample by multiplexing assays in same well
  4. Combine immunophenotyping, cell health assessment, and cytokine profiling in same well
  5. Preconfigured protein capture or build your own custom capture and multiplex together

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