From small semi-automatic bench top units, unique carrousel solutions with safety Petri-Racks, up to linear high throughput dish filling solutions. BioTool offers the widest Range of Petri Dish filling solutions designed to match your individual requirements.

PetriSwiss PS900 - High Throughput

Easy operation:

All entries are made directly on the screen! You do not need a manual! Backlight graphic display for perfect read-off. User guidance in German or English (other languages can be selected). Automatic device self-diagnosis ensures that the system is ready for operation even before the filling process.

PetriSwiss PS200/400 - Rack Exchange System

The carrousel filler with the removable rack for safe and effortless dish loading. PetriSwiss PS200 automatically fills and stacks dishes in removable safety racks. This unique, removable rack principle allows racks to be prefilled and loaded onto the rack disk at any time. The dishes can remain stored in the rack, in a safe and stable stand. The unit down time for a refill is minimal!

· Fast and reliable operation
· Smooth perfect agar due to the double headed pump design
· Minimal down-time with the removable racks
· Easy operation with a friendly color touch screen
· Safe and effortless dish loading and unloading

PetriSwiss PS20 - Small batch compact

Petriswiss PS 20 fills 20 dishes directly into the PetriRack. No need for manual stacking or any other manual operations. New rack – new batch!

With this compact laboratory solution, BioTool has now met wishes expressed very frequently by customers for a compact and flexible filling unit. It is ideal for production of small, special-purpose agar batches.

The unit fills sets of 20 dishes and these are available directly in the PetriRack. The dishes are safely stacked in the PetriRack and can even be transported, chilled or incubated in the rack. Fully autoclavable rack and the dishes can be taken from the rack continuously.


BenchTop Agar Sterilizer for increased filling productivity. Short process times of only 60-90 Minutes are achievable due to the new heating system and the inbuilt heat exchanger for fast cool down cycles. Complete system with all components situated in the compact and easy to clean metal housing. The quick lock cover system and transparent safety hood offer easiest operator access. 2 size models for 1-10 and 1-15l ready made Agar available.

ProfiClave PC10/20 - Media Sterilizer

BioTool’s Mediapreparators ProfiClave PC10/20 Sterilizer prepares up to 10/15 liters of plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations, easier and faster than ever. Equipped with intuitive intelligent software, accessible via a convenient touch screen, training on how to use the Media Preparator is short and easy.

ProfiClave PC20 prepares between 1 – 15 litres, ProfiClave PC10 prepares between 0,5 – 10 litres of agar, stirred and temperature controlled. Vessel access is amazingly simple, no bolts or tools required.


Liquid Handling accessories:

The specialists choice for contamination free Media dispensing. Peristaltic pumps dedicated for sterile microbiological and cell culture Media filling. Full metal body, no rims no gaps – Ideal for food and pharmaceutical Labs. User friendly command spread sheet makes it easy for everybody to program the pump upon his needs.

DosiPump DP 1000

You need an easy-to-operate pump which allows precise and reproducible dosing?

The unique 10-roller pump head eliminates the pulsations other than conventional peristaltic pumps. The dosing pump offers high flow rates of up to 1,000 ml/min. The AntiDrop suppression function (precisely selectable retraction) prevents dripping between two dispensing operations and reduces the risk of contamination. The sturdy housing is resistant to chemicals and easy-to-clean. A thread for attachment of stands is already incorporated for easy set-up of a filtration station.

DosiPump DP 500

Most simple use:
Fill sample, save, repeat !
· Choose pump direction and speed
· Choose between different tubing sizes
· Dosing: with every click on the buttom (or optional with foot pedal)
– DP500 Pump repeats the set volume
– No calibration needed
– Variabel


Tube filling – rapid and easy
– Free positioning of any rack
– Intuitive software
– Integrated pump
– True walk away tube/bottle filling
– 2100 cm2 free usable surface
– High tubes/bottles up to 25cm

TubeFiller was designed to reduce repetitive manual filling of any format laboratory racked tubes. Based on its dedicated function to fill “any tubes in any rack” the design includes a very stable filling arm with 2 side rails for best position recovery, precise XY position axes, an easy manually adjustable height and an integrated pump to cover the standard microbiology filling range. No need for an additional pump for standard applications.


FlexiRoll Digital Cell Roller

The BioTool FlexiRoll is a compact digital cell roller for use with a variety of bottles, tubes and flasks. Applications include growth and culturing of adherent cells, suspension cells, mixing blood or vacutainer TM tubes, washing nucleic acid blots or performing hybridization protocols. Ideal for use on a benchtop or in a CO2 incubator; can be safely operated in temperatures ranging from 4° – 60°C and atmospheric environments of up to 95% humidity. The FlexiRoll operates from .5 – 80 rpm and offers a timer function when used with the digital remote controller. The six included rollers will accommodate three large (850cm2) roller bottles.

Omega Pipettor

The lightweight Omega Pipettor has been designed to combine an advanced ergonomic design with precise liquid dispensing.

With its rounded, curved design, balanced weight and fingertip contoured buttons with light action springs, a product that technicians can use all day and remain fatigue free.

The Omega will accept glass or plastic pipets from 1 to 100mL and is available in six colors!
°Includes customizable I.D. label for personalization
°Light 190 grams
°UV resistant housing
°Fills a 10mL pipette in 1.3 seconds
°LED battery display indicates battery life
°Adjustable thumb wheel dial continuosly controls pipetting speeds
°Rechargeable lithium ion battery



This versatile polypropylene rack is actually a pipetting work station. Its modular design allows you to create a rack based on your individual requirements. The Flexirack can accommodate tubes from 0.5 – 50ml by selecting the proper color-coded insert. Easy release tabs allow the user to change inserts quickly depending on application. Tiered rack design permits the simultaneous viewing of all tubes. Its small footprint (10 x 5 x 3 inches) and high tube capacity maximize valuable laboratory space. The rack can be purchased individually or as a set of two to double tube storage capacity. Disposable polystyrene basin inserts are also available. Minimum / maximum temperature specification: -90°C to 122°C. Autoclavable.


Bench Top Tube Rotator

The RotoFlex will accommodate a variety of tubes from 1.5 – 50mL by simply changing the rotisserie. No tools required! The mixing angle can be adjusted from 0-90° and each of the 4 tube panels can be aligned independently. The 360° rotation ensures through mixing of all samples at the same time while rotating at 22 rpm.

FlexiFuge Centrifuge

FlexiFuge is a versatile, personal micro-centrifuge for quick, low speed centrifugation. Whisper quiet motor offers two speeds (2000g or 5000g / 6,000 or 9,200 RPM ) depending on application. FlexiFuge can be operated in continuous mode, pulsed for a short burst of rapid centrifugation, or timed to spin from 1-15 minutes. Regardless of thesetting, rotors will stop once the lid release button is pushed. A ring of LED lights illuminates when the unit is active and can be viewed through the transparent lid. Color can be changed (red, green, blue) or turned off by a switch under the unit.


Small helpers designed to simplify the daily routine work in the microbiological Lab. Convenient, ergonomic  and equipped with enhanced safety tools.

LabFlame Safety Burner

The new LabFlame is optimized for use in microbiology laboratories. Its stainless steel housing is made of one piece, free of any gaps or rims and therefore easy to clean and fully UV resistant. Its optimized air-flow system allows a uniform and constant flame even in safety cabinets with horizontal or vertical air flow. Connectable to any kind of gas sources.

LabFlame RF

The LabFlame RF represents the complete system of the new Wireless-Series “RF“. The modern radio operation is already integrated in the safety laboratory gas burner. The LabFlame RF offers the same functions and safety features as the standard LabFlame model. Two foot pedal programs are available: A flexible start-stop function and the conventional foot pedal operation for short flame sterilization. The LabFlame RF combines all advantages in one unit. Safe gas burner technology and reliable radio communication for wireless foot pedal operation.

e-Loop Microincinerator

Annealing without flame
– Robust and temperature-shock resistent
– Flexible and safe

The electrical sterilization e-Loop system is most suitable for the sterilization of inoculation loops, needles and instruments.

It is ideal for laboatories and safety cabinets where the use of gas and open flames is not permitted.


High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame.

Specifically focused infrared light generates an IR-HotSpot in which your inoculation loop is sterilized at temperatures from 650 to 1000°C after only 5 to 10 seconds.

– Instantly ready to work without any unnecessary warm-up
– Auto-Start through touchless IR-Sensor technology
– Adjustable sterilization and cool-down timers for two users by touch operation
– Annealing tube made of special quartz glass
– Very simple cleaning of the device and the annealing tube
– Efficient use of energy and min. heat dissipation thanks to the Thermocontol technology
– Cool-Touch housing made of stainless steel and safety glass