LiCONiC: -80° C Automatic Sample Management System

BiOLiX SAB-Series

For large scale sample collections with high container variability. Easy to transition collections from manual freezers.

1.High density, large capacity, simple store and retrieve process
2.Easy transition from manual freezers to automated system
3.Great for automating non-SBS formatted, odd sized, non-automation friendly labware (e.g. cryovial boxes)
4.Ideal storage capacity range: >1,000,000 samples
5.Longitudinal Population/Disease based studies, Epide- miological, Tissue Banks

LiCONiC: -20 to 4° C Automatic Sample Management System

BiOLiX STT-Series

For biobanking applications requiring extreme space e ciency and high demand sample access.

1.For -20°C and -80°C applications requiring very compact, fully automated storage
2.DNA, RNA, oligos, proteins, blood fractions, bacteria, tissues
3.Fits in your lab; quickly installed
4.Ideal storage capacity range: 50.000 to 150.000 samples
5.Perfect for integrated work cell applications (e.g. sample prep stations)

LiCONiC: -80° C Automatic Sample Management System

BiOLiX STC-Series

Addresses the widest range of biobanking applications.

1.Handles the widest range of Biobanking applications of all Liconic stores
2.+25°C to -80°C
3.High density storage, medium to large scale capacity
4.Fit to room size – scalable and expandable
5.Ideal storage capacity range: 100.000 to millions of samples

LiCONiC: -196° C (Cryogenic) Automatic Sample Management System

BiOLiX STV-Series

The only truly capacity con gurable automated cryogenic temperature (-180°C to -196°C) system in the industry (cell lines, cord blood, tissue).

1.First to market capacity scalable, fully automated cryogenic system
2.Highest density automated cryogenic storage
3.Cell lines, tissues, stem cells, cord blood, cell therapy storage, sensitive proteins
4.Ideal storage capacity range: 100,000 – >2,000,000 samples